Cabaret Ark

Show for the faint of heart

In April 2013, the premiere of the program and the new appearance of Olga Arefieva’s band «Cabaret-Ark» was held in Moscow.

In this project, Olga realized the ideas that were crystallizing over time. Starting with the unfading «Cardboard coat», deadly ballads and the wedding-funeral masterpieces of the «Chanson-Ark», with full of the exquisite emotional theatricality of the Royal-Ark, Olga is attracted by the genre space of the cabaret.

In 2016 the album «Jane» was released

Consisting of the best songs of the project «Cabaret-Ark»

Cabaret has the atmosphere of stockings and frivolous hats, ironic and hysterical songs about vagabonds, sailors, drunkards, abandoned or, on the contrary, escaped girls. The stories are too touching and brilliant, too villainous and funny to be prosaic. The concert sounds almost like accompaniment to a theater or to a silent movie. Music is infernal and paradise at the same time, passionate and simple. Burlesque, poetic romance, clownery or spectacle? Seriously or as a joke? Those who miss the Arefieva’s chanson with its gypsies, boozers, cheerful tramps, and everyone who loves Tom Waits and The Tiger Lillies, Vertinsky and Utyosov have to see the performance of the «Cabaret-Ark» — a mix of a concert, visual theater, cabaret and traveling circus.

Cabaret troupe

Olga Arefieva

Vocal, guitar

Petr Akimov

Cello, piano

Sergey Indukov

Violin, guitar, small guitar

Timur Ibatullin

Percussion, xylophone, contrabass

The actors

Of the theater KALIMBA

Project’s videos